5 deadliest in the world of Kung Fu styles

This is a specific body of subject steel body and a sharp mind.In the art has gone beyond the physical, and describes a world to look at human appreciation.Let us consider the five deadly style of Kung Fu.
We consider there is no specific order, first of all, let our Shaolin kung fu.Inspired by the immortal Bodhidharma, it has become the most influential world of martial arts.The Shaolin Temple, you are talking about the absolute protection, create an iron body of Admiralty by training, and fingers of steel, eventually leading to death (touch) acupuncture.
Many arts claim origin of Shaolin, Wing Chun Kung Fu was in the first place.Sometimes is considered to be “feminine” art because it was made by a nun, art exhibitions, sensitivity, an attacker can lay waste the attacker.Understand the sticky hands (Chi) drill, you know what is before your opponent even think it.
Another sensitive art, Yes, praying mantis (Tang Ah Fu).Similarly, arms entwined in training exercises, attack power and defensive positions from Shaolin.Sensitivity of the Shaolin Wing Chun, this is what is a praying mantis style.
Out of the influence of Shaolin Temple, Tai Chi (taijiquan), this is an art of Houdain.Sensitivity of the entire body of art practice, considered by many to be the peak expression of martial arts in the world.The body “emptying” causes the body to produce large amounts of “intelligence sources”, and this energy is far more than a simple muscle and tendon.
Wu Danshan art form, is a more rare are called often crawled across (the eight diagrams Palm) style.This is a cyclic fluctuations in the art and taxiways, and leave an attacker in a State of confusion.Tai Chi, energy generation, but by the unique training methods are called “rings”.
Want to know more about shaolin kung fu, visit the website:http://www.shaolinwugulun.org


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